Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ Section. If your answer is not answered below please contact us at

Getting Started Section

I lost my password, how can I reset it?

Please reset your password using the button below your login. If you are unable to reset your password, please reach out to our service team at

I am unable to login

Please make sure you use the right login information. If the issue remains, please contact us at

How does the Scoring work?

HealthTech Alpha Index and Score are calculated using proprietary algorithms and data points drawn from publicly available information and from our analysts research as well as data shared by startups. Market, Momentum, Money and Impact Scores are calculated by collating all data with our unique algorithms, and ultimately derived to give the Alpha Score.

What do we track in HealthTech Alpha?

HealthTech Alpha is tracking startups, corporates and investors with activities in HealthTech in Asia Pacific. Our mission is to monitor all digital health ventures and key players in the region with highly relevant data points for each one including funding and other key business performance information.

My startup is part of an incubator/accelerator; can it get scored?

We are encouraging every venture/startup to be part of the HealthTech community. We recommend getting in touch with our team at to submit your profile.

Do you have an Android or iOS application?

HealthTech Alpha only provides a fully dynamic web platform.

What is my dashboard?

You can build your own dashboard of ventures you want to track, to help you focus on critical data points. Your dashboard will help you undertake the early stages of your due diligence for your prioritised assets and their competitors within the context of the ecosystem, all in one place.

What is the commercial use limit under HealthTech Alpha Free?

If you reach the commercial use limit, your activity on HealthTech Alpha indicates that you are likely using HealthTech Alpha Free for commercial use. This limit is calculated based on your search activity per day and per month. If you want to use HealthTech Alpha for commercial use, please upgrade to HealthTech Alpha Growth or contact us at for our HealthTech Alpha Scouting services.

Startup Section

Which startups are being tracked and assessed?

HealthTech Alpha is focused on HealthTech startups across 23 distinct markets in Asia Pacific. At the moment, we rate startups from across the region. HealthTech defines the intersection between healthcare and technology and is also sometimes referred to as digital health. HealthTech does not include Biotech, such as protein research or pharmaceuticals, and also does not include MedDev, such as devices that are implanted into the body.

How up-to-date is the startup data accessible on HealthTech Alpha?

HealthTech Alpha is continuously updated with the latest data, curated from both direct and indirect verified sources and augmented with our proprietary algorithms. Once the information of a startup is updated and verified by our analysts, our proprietary algorithms calculates the scoring indices. New updates include funding events, business models, and others. We endeavour to ensure we have captured the latest and most up to data. Should you believe that we are missing a critical data point, please contact us at

I can’t find any information on a specific startup, what can I do?

Our team of analysts will be there for you. Simply write to us via, and tell us which startup you are looking to access. Our team of analysts will get back to you shortly with the relevant information.

I am not satisfied with your data and/or indices, where can I share my suggestions, feedback or comments?

We always welcome suggestions, comments, feedback, reviews and ideas. Please do not hesitate to share with us and we will promptly get back to you:

Can I contact HealthTech Alpha to learn more about a particular startup before I meet or invest in them?

Please contact us for any due diligence requirements you may have.

Why do some ventures have no rating?

We regularly identify startups with publicly announced funding events and create company pages for them on HealthTech Alpha. The rating will only be possible if sufficient information about the startup was collated. If you want to learn more about our rating process, please consult our Definitions page for more information or contact us at

How can I update my Startup information?

Please contact our team of analysts at and we will get back to you shortly.

What if my startup was funded with a non-series round?

HealthTech Alpha is tracking all funding events including non-series rounds or non-equity rounds. By default, non-equity and non-series rounds are classified preliminary funding rounds, extensions and bridge funding rounds if not marked differently.

I disagree with your rating and valuation. What can I do?

We are continuously improving our algorithm and information provided. If you consider any data point or score related to your startup to be misaligned with your expectation, please contact us directly at to discuss.

What is the commercial use limit?

There is no commercial use limit, however, HealthTech Alpha is programmed to detect any abnormal activities, automated crawl, or other activities that may reflect abnormal use of HealthTech Alpha  which may trigger an alert and close the account automatically. In case of such unfortunate event, our team will contact you directly (via phone and email) to resolve this issue.

Billing Section

Can I do a test trial before proceeding to checkout?

You can book a personalised demo at or by clicking the button at the bottom of the page, where you will obtain all the relevant information you need to test our database. Unfortunately, free trials are not possible at this time.

What is your cancellation policy?

Subscriptions are based on an annual renewal scheme. You may cancel your subscription at any time via your user dashboard. Your subscription will automatically renew on the anniversary of your subscription date. Please view our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Can I use wire transfer for my subscription fee?

Payment is processed via Stripe or PayPal.

How does HealthTech Alpha manage refunds?

If you have deemed any of the HealthTech Alpha services unsatisfactory, a written explanation is needed before we may, at our sole discretion, consider a refund. Each case will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Scoring Section

What does future valuation mean?

Future valuation is the predicted future value of a startup. The future valuation is a calculated by HealthTech Alpha algorithms based on previous funding rounds and other relevant ecosystem criteria and that may not always be aligned with the startup or investor expectations.

What is the “Track” feature and what can I expect from it?

If you track a startup, it will appear on your dashboard to enable users to easily keep in one place, the startups they are following.

If I provide HealthTech Alpha with undisclosed information to get a more accurate rating, will you disclose this information?

HealthTech Alpha will not disclose any company information labelled non-disclosed and undisclosed.

Why is my valuation different to that of my investors?

HealthTech Alpha’s valuation is based on a proprietary algorithm that was developed by the expertise and experience of our team. Venture valuation is not an exact science and therefore may not be aligned with investor or startup expectation.

Risks Section

What is my risk of including my startup and having it rated?

We, at HealthTech Alpha, believe that there is great value in getting your startup rated on our platform. HealthTech Alpha is a unique resource for HealthTech innovators, investors and strategics intent on commercial activities within the HealthTech ecosystem. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your venture to investors and corporations around the world.

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