HealthTech Alpha Key Definitions

“All HealthTech companies are not created equal!”

HealthTech startups are different from other industries and deserve their unique analytical tools! Our database and analytics will let you compare and access each Asia HealthTech venture through highly relevant indices.

The significant growth in momentum in Asia HealthTech in the past few years has created a need amongst investors, media and corporates to better understand and evaluate the ecosystem. Our indices, driven by proprietary algorithms, measure the overall health and growth potential of each HealthTech startup in Asia.

The Alpha Score

HealthTech Alpha ultimately scores a HealthTech startup on a scale from 1-100. This creates a ranking which provides an assessment of each startup. This Alpha Score leverages and analyses the multiple data points and our own unique algorithm.

There are four distinct and independent Alpha Indices that are synthesised into one final Alpha Score. These are as follows:

      Momentum indexevaluates the maturity and performance of the HealthTech startup relative to itself and ecosystem peers

      Market index: measures the health of the sector category and sub-category in which a startup competes

      Money index: quantifies the financial strength and wellbeing of a HealthTech startup based on its financial history, and investor quality

      Impact index: assesses the relevance of an HealthTech venture to the ecosystem

Each HealthTech Alpha Index and Score is calculated using proprietary algorithms and data points drawn from our carefully curated HealthTech Alpha database.

HealthTech Categories

HealthTech is a fragmented sector that connects healthcare and technology. We have defined HealthTech categories to help you better navigate the HealthTech ecosystem.

      Health Services Searcha platform that gives information about healthcare providers

      Health & Wellness Apps: mobile applications that support the fitness or health of its users

      Telehealth / Remote Monitoring: health-related consultation or medical observation via the internet

      IoT Health & Wellness: personal fitness devices, smart medical hardware

      Health Management Solutions: such as electronic medical records (EHR) and software for healthcare providers

      Online Health Communities: health-education forums & communities

      Medical Data & Analytics: startups that work with medical data of high volume, variety, velocity, and veracity and its data analysis

      Patient Solutions: patient self-management solutions

–       Online Marketplace: e-commerce for healthcare, online pharmacies

      Healthcare MarComms: healthcare marketing providers

      Doctor Networks: healthcare professional focussed social media platforms & forums

      Genomics: includes providers that apply genetics or molecular biology to genetic mapping, DNA sequencing and precision medicine

      Population Health Management: corporate wellness, governmental initiatives

      Medical Diagnostics: diagnostic systems providers, PoCDx

      Payments & Insurance: health related FinTech and InsurTech

Health System Inefficiencies (HSI)

“Start with the problem, then think about technology”

Each country in the Asia Pacific region suffers from a myriad of sources of Healthcare System Inefficiencies (HSI), a value leakage point between healthcare spend and investment and health outcomes.

In 2017, Galen Growth Asia introduced this HSI framework which outlines six key sources of inefficiencies. We contend that HealthTech represents an unprecedented means to solve for these HSIs.

HealthTech Alpha’s analysis assesses each HealthTech startup to define its relevance to solving each HSI. The outcome of this assessment contributes to the calculation of our Alpha Indices and Alpha Score.

Other HealthTech Alpha key terms

     Valuation: the most recent disclosed post-money valuation or, when not public, our computation based on relevant venture and ecosystem data

      Future Valuation: HealthTech Alpha’s predicted post-money valuation after the next funding round  

     Latest Stage (Startup): the most recent funding stage, e.g. Series A

     Latest Funding: the $ value of the most recent funding round

     Tot. Funding: the sum total funding raised by the startup

     Investment Count: the number of investments an investor has announced in HealthTech

     Preferred Stage: the investment stage an investor has participated the most in

     Latest Stage (Investor): the most recent investment stage an investor has participated in

     Latest Amount: the amount of the latest stage an investor has participated in

     HealthTech Category: a class of startups with particular shared characteristics

     Investibility: Inspired by the S&P’s Investability Quotient (IQ), our Investibilty Score is a market perception of a startup potential return