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HealthTech Alpha Is The Global Leader On-Demand Digital Health Intelligence And Analytics Platform

HealthTech Alpha empowers investors, corporates and startups to fast track their digital health strategy by transforming tens of millions of ecosystem data points into valuable insights, to rapidly and confidently select best fit ventures for growth.

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Select Best Fit Ventures

Fast tracking the time to ROI of an organisation’s digital health strategy is determined by engaging with a venture with optimal fit. HealthTech Alpha maps and assesses the essential building blocks of an HealthTech venture’s business model to select best fit partners and screen out snowflakes.

Understand Key Ecosystem Trends

We identify, follow and track innovative and disruptive venture and solution trends by collating, scrubbing, deciphering and curating information from both public and private sources.

Assess And Evaluate Disruptors

HealthTech Alpha’s proprietary Alpha Score and underpinning composite indices provide a predictive assessment of the maturity of a HealthTech venture’s solution, business model and impact so you can pin point future leaders and potential threats

Uncover Your Competitors Strategy

Visualise the strategic decisions made and priorities of industry movers and shakers to better understand your competitive landscape. Who’s partnering with whom? Who’s investing in what solutions?

Track The Leading Healthtech Investors

Where are the leading, savviest investors and corporations making strategic bets? Easily assess the activities of Alibaba, Softbank, Eduardo Saverin’s fund B Capital and many more.

Source And Evaluate Deals

Build your own dashboard of ventures you have prioritised to track critical data points. Using HealthTech Alpha, you can undertake the early stages of your due diligence for your prioritised assets and their competitors within the context of the ecosystem all in one place.

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